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Our school. Our town. Our nation. Our world. And our voice in them all.

The Beginnings

School news at Morristown High School began with the Maple Leaf in 1904. It was a collection of student-written essays and editorials published a few times a year. The paper renamed itself to the High School Post, and a few years later, changed its name again to the Morristown News. Leading up to 1927, each of these organizations were loosely organized and lacked the true, consistent form of a school newspaper. Finally, however, a coalition of students and teachers formed an official school newspaper, naming it The Broadcaster, in 1927.

The paper was printed and disseminated to students six times per year until 2009 when the publication moved exclusively online.

Our Publication Today

The MHS Broadcaster is an entirely student-run organization. Working with our advisors, our editors discuss current events in our community and beyond and brainstorm the best way to provide coverage for these events and the conversations that surround them. Our writers work diligently to produce content our fellow students and community members will find interesting and important.

Our newspaper goes through great lengths to ensure that we upload legitimate content with valid facts and interviews. Articles do not go up unless they are checked and rechecked by our authors and editors for factual accuracy, grammar, and content. We take pride in our work and hope to continue to grow both our staff and our scope of coverage.

Our Foundational Beliefs

We ask anyone who calls themselves a journalist, who has social media, or who expresses their political voice, to fact check. Make sure that what you are creating, spreading, and sharing is factual. Because we owe it to the communities all of us are involved in. Journalists search for and tell the stories that we need to know. And in our opinion, our modern democracy couldn’t function without them.

We will not produce fake news. We will not stand for fake news. We will stand for and create accurate, thoughtful journalism. And we ask all of you to stand with us.

Meet the Team