Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Turkey Day at the movies: Three films worth seeing this weekend

Are you looking for a movie to see on this long holiday weekend, but confused as to what you might be interested in seeing? Well look no further! Here are three movies that are bound to spark your interest!

Las Vegas: Mental Health or Gun Control Issues

Gun control laws of course need to be moderated because then the repercussions of this shooting could have been far less fatal. But all in all, his mental illness is the reason why he made this evil decision.

A Decade of Silent Crisis: Puerto Rico Before Maria

Hurricane Maria was awful; there is absolutely no denying that. But in the grand scheme of things, Maria was a flashpoint incident, a catalyst to a silent crisis that had existed for much longer. And, perhaps most importantly, it could have been prevented.

Take your “pick” of local farms

by Sydney Familo, Staff Writer The leaves are changing color and the air is becoming cooler. Can anyone guess what time of year it is? Hopefully, you guessed right, it’s Autumn. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the weather, drink apple cider, and go pumpkin/apple picking. Did you know it takes about fifty leaves […]

Halloween: A Holiday for All Ages

Halloween is a holiday that should be fun and enjoyable for all age ranges. Restricting teachers is unfair so long as they have school appropriate costumes.

A Trip to Central Park’s Ravine Won’t Disappoint

One of Morristown’s most desirable characteristics is its proximity to New York City, thus allowing Morristown residents to easily travel to the Ravine, either by car or train.

The Success of The Week of Respect!

While he may not have realized there was a Week of Respect, at least his question was phrased respectfully! I’d say that proves that kindness week had a successful effect on this student!

A Day in the Life of A Varsity Athlete: Devon Colquhoun

Devon Colquhoun, captain of the Morristown Varsity Girls Field Hockey team, shares her approach towards physically and mentally preparing for Game Day.

Does the New iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Program Pose a Threat for Society?

“Say somebody hacks into Apple, I don’t want them to see my face and be able to get into my phone.”

Is It Appropriate for Teenagers to go Trick-or-Treating?

Whether you stay home and give out candy, head to a Halloween party, or get dressed and go trick-or-treating, what matters is that you remember to stay safe and have fun.

Morristown High School’s Newest Masterpiece

“There are a lot of schools in New Jersey that don’t have art programs and we have four art teachers,” said Mrs. Compton. We are lucky enough to have received the new classrooms and to have such an extensive art program. The art teachers and students are extremely grateful to have the new art rooms, it makes coming to art class become a much better experience for everyone.   

Investigating the Morality Behind Modern Community Service

Instead of earning community service hours honorably through volunteering their time making the world a better place, students have been buying their community service hours through physical goods.