Restaurant Reviews For Newcomers


by Keyri Torres

Restaurant Reviews For Newcomers
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There are so many restaurants to go here in Morristown, and very delicious as well. Some people are new and don’t know where is a good and inexpensive place to go out for lunch or perhaps dinner, well I’m here to help! This past week I went and tried out a few restaurants and they were all good.

The first restaurant I went and tried out was LA ESTACION! If you are a big fan of Mexican food then this is the place for you! The prices are not that expensive and the food is so delicious. The service was very good, The food was excellent. The cost was around $10 per person which is really good, and the atmosphere and the place, just makes you feel at home, especially if you are Latino! It’s such a great restaurant and /i am not just saying that because it’s a family restaurant. I definitely recommend this place for a delicious Mexican meal.

The second restaurant I went to was Provesi on south street off of the green.. This place is perfect for a night out with a date or a family night out. Its a fancy type of place. It is all Italian food and very delicious. My favorite meal had to be the fettuccine chicken alfredo, it was delicious. Provesi is not that expensive a dish may cost around $15 per person but is very delicious.

The third place I went to is somewhere you would go if you’re only trying to spend a few bucks, its called Subway, there is a subway off of the green on South Street and there is another in the Cedar knolls complex by Walmart. Subway is very delicious, and offers a different variety of subs. The most you would spend on yourself for food and a drink is around $8. It is a good price for what you’re getting.

I hope that you will like and enjoy the restaurants that I have mentioned!

This article is also available in Spanish.

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