Whole Foods attracts loyal following


by Claire Fagan

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On Earth Day, April 22, Morristown welcomed a new grocery store. Right near Morristown High School, 110 Washington Street, a Whole Foods celebrated its grand opening. After the A&P closed several years ago, the building was vacant and people wondered whether it would ever come back to life again. But the unease subsided when Whole Foods announced that it would be expanding into the medium-sized grocery store.

The popular “conscious-capitalist” chain store opened bright and early at 9am, with festivities abound. The first 200 or so customers received a “special gift” as they entered the store. On their opening day, Whole Foods donated 5% of the money they made to Fosterfields Living Historical Farm and they ended up raising $6,543.27 for the park! I was not able to make it to the bread breaking, but according to their Facebook page, it was very successful.

I visited the Whole Foods in the afternoon of the opening day and it was still packed, full of eager locals. The aisles were certainly more narrow than your average grocery store, making it difficult to get around. Less people used large shopping carts (I’m not even sure if they were available) and more sported the small wheeled baskets to carry their groceries. As with any Whole Foods, there was a large array of organic fruits and vegetables as well as many gluten-free and vegan options throughout the store. The store was significantly smaller than the Madison Whole Foods, but still very manageable and rather cute if I say so myself. The checkout was quick since many of the aisles were open. The employees were friendly and helpful when given the chance to guide a customer to what they were looking for since there were so many options to choose from. There was a wide selection of prepared foods ranging from sandwiches, sushi, pizza, salad bars, and more. A bakery also had a spot in the grocery store, featuring a lot of locally baked breads and desserts.

Overall, the Whole Foods was very nice. I can tell you with much assurance that I will be a regular customer whether it be for a small grocery trip or to pick up some of the conveniently prepared foods. I know I am not alone with the decision. Even a week after its opening, the store was as packed as it was the first day. The Whole Foods Market is a good addition to the Morristown, providing new jobs for young people and good food just around the corner!

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