The Progressive Failure of Scott Walker

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Former Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker. Source: Google Plus

On Monday, September 21, 2015, Scott Walker announced that he would be dropping out of the 2016 campaign for the republican candidacy. For many people, the name Scott Walker faintly brings up the image of a typical Republican running to be the candidate of the GOP. However, in the sad reality of it, Scott Walker was simply not remembered at all. He was not doing well enough in recent polls and his campaign was facing vast financial issues. After careful consideration of these struggles, he decided that it would be the best for both himself and his party if he dropped out of the presidential race.
Scott started off his campaign well, using his influence as the governor of Wisconsin to spread his conservative messages across the country and quickly becoming the major front-runner in multiple important swing states. However, after poor performance in the GOP debates, much of his following began to focus on boisterous republican front-runner, Donald Trump, and much of the support from his donors and super PAC’s began to fade. After abysmal scores, ranging from 0.5-1% in polls that displayed who was receiving the most voter support, Scott decided to end his campaign.
As he made his official address to the public, Scott “[urged] other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner.” This, he cites, was his main reason for ending his campaign, ignoring the obvious strict financial problems faced by his campaign. This does provide for an interesting point though, that with 15 possible GOP candidates still in the running, and with Donald Trump’s massive poll results, who will be the one to oppose him?
As the candidates continue on with their campaigns and new topics grow influence on voter’s choices, Scott Walker will fade into the past; but hopefully for the conservative party his decision to drop out will influence others to follow in his path, and provide a true opponent to the immensely popular Donald Trump.

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