2nd Annual Mr. Morristown is a Success

By Mary Grace Vallacchi & Katie McCreedy

The contestants get ready for the show!

The contestants get ready for the show! Source: MG Vallachi

A smashed watermelon, two stuffed lions, a kiddie pool, and a handful of Disney songs.

The second annual Mr.Morristown kicked off in the auditorium last Thursday as seven Morristown High School senior boys contested to win the coveted “Mr.Morristown” title. The Student Government Organization hosted the night to raise money for their group and its school sponsored activities. Each contestant prepared a talent display, a lip sync performance to a popular song, and then improvised answers to two personal questions. The night maintained a consistent air of laughter and comedy as each contestant attempted to amuse the audience and judging panel…

The night began with a talent portion, each contestant graced the stage with their own personal, comedic twist on talent. To begin the night, Luca Conti performed the famous “Napoleon Dynamite Dance” in a “vote for pedro” shirt and a tutu. Patrick Bauer jumped into a kiddie pool and swam about, while Ramiro Bruno rapped Alphabet Aerobics, a lengthy, exhausting song that entails a run-on sentence with multiple words starting with every letter progressing through the alphabet. After Ramiro took the stage, Jeremy Kuelker successfully created a fruit salad, without any utensils. Interestingly enough, he cut a watermelon in half using just his hand. Ben Schwartz and his dance partner performed a dance to “Jump On It”, Junior Rondon performed his own dance to “Fade” by Kanye West, and finally, Zane Goldberg played the recorder, with his nose.

The contestants then endured a question portion, where SGO Recording Secretary, Karen Henao, pressed the boys for answers to emotional and comedic questions. Common questions were asked like, “What do you look for in a woman?” To which Luca answered, “I like my women with a lot of muscle”.

Finally, each of the contestants performed a lip sync performance to a popular song of their choice. After much anticipation, the lip syncing competition began. Luca Conti stole the stage with “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the Disney classic, Mulan. Zane Goldberg, dressed in safari attire, brought out a stuffed lion to the stage and sang “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King. After serenading the stuffed animal, Ramiro came to stage with a blonde wig, and danced his heart out to “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Junior Rondon then took the stage and unleashed his inner Beyonce, as he performed “Drunk in Love”

Ben Schwartz, who placed third overall in the competition, shared his thoughts on the evening, “it was fun, we all had a good time. I think everybody enjoyed the acts, the contestants enjoyed doing it, and I’m glad Jeremy won, my bad, I mean Anna…”. Schwartz made up half of the hilarious duet to the song “Love Is An Open Door” from the movie Frozen. His duet partner, Jeremy Kuelker, ultimately won the event. Schwartz jokingly refers to Kuelker as “Anna”, whom Kuelker portrayed during their duet.

Kuelker, had this to say about his winning night, “I thought it was really fun, it went a lot better than I thought, and I’m glad the crowd enjoyed it. I just want to thank everyone who competed and watched”.  

Beyond the talented performers, an impressive board of judges ultimately crowned the winner. The board included teachers from across MHS including Ms.Jacobson and Mr.Sedita.

In the end, Jeremy Kulker, with his uniquely amusing utensiless fruit salad display and animated duet to a popular Frozen song, won the Mr.Morristown title. Kuelker is a senior at MHS who also runs Cross Country and Track. Zane Goldberg won the fan favorite portion for playing two recorders simultaneously with his nose and for a hilarious rendition of “The Circle of Life”. Ramiro Bruno took second place, while Ben Schwartz and Junior Rondon finished in third. Luca Conti and Patrick Bauer also put up impressive performances, despite not placing.  
Hopefully, as SGO advisor Mrs. Katherine Hall suggested in her speech concluding the night, this competition can become a hilarious tradition for generations here at MHS. And if you missed it, you can check out some of the highlights here.

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