Why You Need to Come Out and See the MHS Girls Basketball Team Play


by Katie McCreedy

It’s no secret, womens sports teams are often overshadowed and undersupported. A raging discussion in the professional sports world, encompassed by the trending hashtag “#equalpayforequalplay”, focuses on the idea that women deserve to be paid equally to their male counterparts in the sports world. That a male and female basketball player both dedicate considerable effort to their craft, but are paid drastically different salaries.

So, where does the MHS Girls Basketball team fall in this global controversy? They’re having a wildly impressive season. Currently, the team in undefeated, they won the Morris Hills Tournament, and are favorites to go far in the county and section this season. One senior, Kayla Bush, is even committed to play at Fort Hays State University come next winter.

MHS Girls winning at home...

MHS girls winning at home…

These girls also put together an electrifying game of basketball. Junior Elizabeth “Boo” Strambi, is a hallmark of the team, she is known for winning the ball and forcefully dribbling down the court before easily sinking her lay-ups. She is also known for her insane three-point shots, that often leave the crowd screaming. She’s currently the team’s leading shooter. Freshman, Tara O’Neill, is another vital member of the team, she strings together passes in tight areas and often makes shots in tough areas outside the arc. Kayla Bush, senior, is an immensely impressive player, her combination of height and athleticism is astonishing. She can muscle for the ball in tight defensive and offensive areas and makes lay-ups look too easy. Another senior, Kim Calloway, has a beautiful and consistent ability to sink free throws under pressure and often wins the ball defensively before barreling up the field. The final member of the starting squad is senior, MG Vallacchi, who is also a staff writer for the Broadcaster, Vallacchi is a natural leader. She can be heard organizing and supporting the team from the stands and can hold off any player defensively. She also impresses with her passionate willingness to dive for the ball on defense and drive through the crowd on offense.

Sophomores, Elizabeth Mongey and Nicole Ferrara, juniors Kate Kolb and Jess Willette, and seniors Kelsey McCluskey, Ayannah Smith and Sarah Godfrey, also electrify the team. Monkey and Ferrara are stellar defenders. While Kolb and Willete both fight vigilantly on defense. And seniors Godfrey, McCluskey, and Smith always track players and put together intensely strong defensive marking.

This team puts together an exciting basketball game. Whether they’re up by a huge lead or in a tight showdown, these girls fight hard and stun with wild shots and tight passing. I’ve never been to a game where I didn’t end up jumping and screaming amongst the crowd.

But, beyond their vastly impressive season, we need to support what these girls stand for. They are amazing athletes in what is typically considered a male dominated sport, and though they are having an equally impressive season to the MHS Boys team, their stands often lack student fans. As a school, we need to support our female athletes, especially when they’re putting together such an exciting season.

Come out to the next game, Tuesday at 7pm at Chatham High School. And be sure to check out the team during their run in counties this weekend!


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