Girls Basketball Wins State Sectional Title For First Time in 15 Years

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It was electrifying. The main gym at Morristown High School overflowed with parents and students tonight as MHS Girls Basketball took on East Orange for the State Sectional title.

MHS Girls Basketball wins State Sectional title against East Orange.

MHS Girls Basketball wins State Sectional title against East Orange.


Morristown came out strong, ready and focused to capture a well-deserved title. The starting five drove to the basket on offense and held off a few hard counter attacks from East Orange. Elizabeth Strambi, junior, consistently made her lay-ups and Kayla Bush, a senior who will be attending Fort Hays State University in Kansas to play basketball in the fall, held tough and perseverantly defended shots from East Orange. Senior and Broadcaster contributor, MG Vallacchi, came in to finish the quarter and held the team’s offense together with quick passes. Tara O’Neill, a freshman who also spent time on the Girls Varsity Soccer team this year, has stunned in her first year on the starting squad. She held the defense tight until having to come out at the end of the first quarter after getting into foul trouble. They ended the first quarter with a score of 10-2.

Morristown came out in the second quarter with the same fire in their hearts, again maintaining an exhaustive full court press. They entered halftime with a score of 24-10. The cheerleading squads from Morristown and East Orange also faced off at halftime, each attempting to excite their fans.

Following halftime, Morristown closed in on their lead and extended it through the third quarter. Elizabeth Strambi continued racking up shots, she scored the most out of either team tonight with a total of 25 points. Strambi’s career point total is now 954 points, she’s heading toward an impressive 1,000 point total before even beginning her senior season.

Morristown played intelligently in the final quarter, and while they let their nerves occasionally get the better of them allowing East Orange to momentarily increase their score, they relaxed the game and strung together elusive passing combinations to run down the clock. In the final quarter, every member of the squad worked tirelessly, helping on defense and offensive to exhaust East Orange and keep possession of the ball. In the dozen games I’ve attended this year, I’ve never seen the team play with so much passion, winning the ball off tough rebounds and stringing together elaborate plays. So, congratulations to the MHS Girls Basketball team for finishing the game strong with a final score of 45-35. This is the first state sectional title for the team in 15 years and they also won the NJAC-United Conference during their spectacular regular season.

Come out and support the MHS Girls Basketball team as they advance out of sectionals to fight for the state group title this Wednesday.


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