Morristown Broadcasting Department Begins “Undersound”

[fb_button] by Kevin Connor

This February, Morristown High School’s Broadcasting Department hosted the first “Undersound”. This is an event where students play music live on Morristown High School’s radio station – WJSV 90.5 FM. Hosted from 4 to 7 pm, this event featured a myriad of performances. The event began with a saxophone duet which set the scene for the night, as many other duets performed. Despite the frequency of two-person acts, there was a versatility to the acts. The students enjoyed playing genres including alternative rock, pop music, classic rock, R&B, and soul.

The music was not only played live on the radio, it was played live on the internet as well. Click here for the full streaming video of Undersound. As a spectator and performer, I enjoyed both perspectives and found it to be incredibly fun and an entertaining night. As a spectator, I enjoyed listening to the music in the performance room, through a speaker in Broadcasting teacher Mr. Butler’s classroom, and on Youtube. It was a great social event and there was plenty of food.

As a performer, I was initially nervous to perform. Sitting in front of people and demanding that they listen to your music is a strange social circumstance to put yourself in. However, once I realized there was great support from the audience, it was an incredibly enjoyable event. It was also really weird to look at myself through the live stream screen for the first time. Overall, a great event and make sure to make it WJSV’s next Undersound in June!

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