Morristown High School Theatre Presents Fantastic Legally Blonde

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MHS production of Legally Blonde kicks off this weekend. Source: Laura barber

MHS production of Legally Blonde kicks off this weekend. Source: Laura barber

Legally Blonde premieres Thursday, March 23 and runs all the way until Sunday, March 26. I was given the opportunity to have an exclusive viewing of the show and it was a spectacular production full of talent, hard work, and a whole lot of pink! Here are five reasons you should invest in going to see Morristown High School’s Legally Blonde:

The Cast

The dynamic amongst the actors was impeccable. The actor’s chemistry almost felt natural, and it was never forced. The thespians were all able to thoroughly convey the emotion of the scenes as they constantly shifted from funny, to dramatic, to empowered with ease. The acting and dialogue is truly commendable. However, not only was the acting of the cast very refreshing, the diversity and enormity of the cast is very entertaining because this production extended its cast to include the school’s cheerleaders and football players, all of which contributed to the comedic aspect of the show.

The Themes of the Play

You could say the dominant themes included self-love, feminism, or appearance vs. reality, but the most impactful concept of the performance was the idea of acceptance and diversity. I feel that this play is a strong allegory for an issue that plagues our nation currently, and that is the problem with accepting certain racial and religious groups. Elle was assumed to be a liability because of her blonde hair, but she ended up excelling in law school. Many parallels are evident within society’s outlook on diversity today.

The Jump Rope Routine

That scene in and of itself deserves praise and acknowledgment and I honestly think is a valid reason to come see the show. Hopefully, it will reverse the initial impression that people who participate in theater are not athletic and do not deserve to opt out. The jump rope routine consisted of five minutes of intense cardio and singing and was very well choreographed and blocked. I was very impressed with the fact that they could sing while intensely jumping rope.

The Authenticity

I’ve seen the Legally Blonde musical before, and the consistency of the actual Broadway play to this version is uncanny. It does not stray from the original script and adheres to the singing and dancing routines on Broadway (with exception to the Irish step routine, which was stellar!) I admire the fact that they were able to transcend the performance onto the stage and keep its genuineness. All of the actors played their part in a way that was believable and made the character develop flow well.

The Vocal Talent

Lastly, the vocal and singing capability of this play was outstanding. Each song had a strong impression on me and was really well delivered. The vocal range of the cast was outstanding and the ensemble was just as effective as the lead singers. A really well-done production.
Well, if none of those reasons successfully convince you, then come see the show for love (you’ll have to see the production to understand the reference; therefore giving you an incentive to go watch it!). 

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