A Day in the Life of A Varsity Athlete: Devon Colquhoun

by Laura Barber, Editor-in-Chief

Game Day: a phrase familiar to all athletes. A day that connotes potential and promise for an individual. A concept that excites an athlete as they prepare for a competition that puts their physical and mental stamina to the test. However, each athlete’s pregame rituals are different. Here is Varsity Field Hockey player Devon Colquhoun’s.

Devon Colquhoun is a current senior at Morristown High School who began her field hockey career at a very young age. However, it was not until her eighth grade year that she realized how plausible it was for her to play field hockey competitively in high school and college. Being a D1 athlete and a newly recruited field hockey player for the upcoming 2018 season at Rutgers University, Colquhoun knows a thing or two about the mental and physical preparation needed on Game Day in order to excel.  

“I always have to wear the same thing for every game…the same socks, the same uniform, the same hairstyle” says Devon of her superstitious tendencies before each game. Additionally, she also always eats protein bars before any game as it provides her with energy and strength for the day ahead. Country music is her favorite thing to listen to before a game as she likes to listen to music that makes her happy. From a group standpoint, their pregame customs usually involve ensuring morale is high and adrenaline is pumping right before they play. As the Co-captain of the team, Devon Colquhoun is responsible for building up the team’s confidence before a game, and therefore she always sends the other players pump up texts throughout the day. “I feel that the texts are a good way to prep my teammates by positively reinforcing them and boosting their excitement and confidence for our game.”

In terms of mental preparation, Colquhoun often tries to decompress and relax the day of, making sure to wear comfortable clothes and eating a hearty breakfast. She has to constantly maintain the mindset that she is playing the best team in the league in order to properly prepare herself. “You always have to go into a game assuming this team is number one even if that is not the case because that ensures you are always playing your best and going into the competition with no false presumptions.”

Not only does Game Day entail obtaining a solid pregame routine, but it also tends to have a post game one as well. Coming out of a game, especially one where the team did not play their best, Colquhoun says it’s imperative to compliment the team as well as criticize them. “I struggled with overcoming adversity for a few years, but I think the best thing for me to do is think about the good things I did during the game rather than focus all my attention on the negatives.” She continues, “it is so important to tell the team what we did right in conjunction with what we need to work on because high morale and a positive mentality is a significant part of the game.”

Donning a #2 jersey in honor of Derek Jeter, Devon Colquhoun is a hardworking and dedicated player who has mastered the methods needed to tackle Game Day. Check out the Varsity Field Hockey team at their next game in order to see them in action!

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