Halloween: A Holiday for All Ages


by Megan Bruhn, Staff Writer

October 31st or All Hallow’s Eve is a night of costumes, candy, and creepy decorations. Children celebrate Halloween by transforming into their favorite superheroes, spooky villains, or even cute characters from movies and books. Many schools, including MHS, allow students to come dressed up in their school appropriate costumes. But what about teachers? Should they be able to take part in the fun?

On one hand, high school teachers should dress professionally and focus on teaching. Wearing a costume could distract students, creating a more hectic learning environment. Allowing teachers to wear costumes also brings up the point- which costumes are acceptable? In this age, there is a fine line between what is considered funny, and what is considered offensive.

However, with that being said, if a teacher wishes to participate in Halloween, I believe they should be able to. For example, at Morris Plains Borough School, each grade level of teachers coordinates matching costumes. These costumes are always school appropriate and even relate back to topics taught in school. Halloween is a holiday that should be fun and enjoyable for all age ranges. Restricting teachers is unfair so long as they have school appropriate costumes.

To find out what other MHS student’s opinions on this spooky topic is, I interviewed Nathalia Vega and Kate McGotty. Both 10th graders, Nathalia and Kate said that it “depends on the costume,” and it is fine for teachers to wear costumes, “… as long as it is school appropriate”. Basically, it is a case to case situation.

Next, I interviewed a younger student to see her perspective on this topic. Erin B., a 5th grader at Borough School said, “I think that Halloween is about having fun! Teachers should be able to dress up as long as it isn’t too scary.” I then asked her if she found it distracting when teachers wear costumes. She said, “No. I mean in the beginning of class we will like laugh about the costume but then we get to work so it’s okay.”

Finally, I asked Erin if she thought teachers wearing costumes was inappropriate. Her response was, “No I don’t think so because they wear nice and funny costumes. I have never seen a bad teacher costume.”

In the end, Halloween is a holiday for fun and scariness but all in moderation. Teachers should be able to dress up as long as their costume is school appropriate and won’t take away from learning.

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