Is It Appropriate for Teenagers to go Trick-or-Treating?

by Emily Ellis, Staff Writer

In case the creepy store decorations and bloody horror movies on TV haven’t tipped you off yet, Halloween is approaching fast. In a few weeks, children everywhere will get dressed up in costumes and follow the American tradition of going door-to-door and asking people for candy. However, once you become a teenager, some people consider it inappropriate for you to dress up in costume and go trick-or-treating. This leaves one very important question: What exactly are teenagers supposed to do?  

On a mission, I approached some students of MHS to discover how they spent their Halloween nights with one question at large: “What do you do now that you can’t trick or treat on Halloween?”

“Who says we can’t trick or treat on Halloween?” responded Nicole Ferrara with a smile. “Who doesn’t want free candy?”

To my surprise, I discovered that her answer was not as unusual as I may have initially believed.

“I trick or treat with friends in Morris Plains, because that’s where the best candy is,” said Zach Goldman.“I go trick-or-treating too and go to haunted houses,” said  Molly McEntee.

As I asked more and more people, I grew increasingly astonished to discover that a trend was quickly emerging.  It appeared as though teenagers at MHS were immersing themselves in the nostalgia of their younger years by trick-or-treating.

Amazed by the statements I was receiving, I began to ask people whether or not they believed trick-or-treating as a high schooler was appropriate.  “Yes. I feel very strongly about this. All teenagers should go trick or treating. In fact everybody should go trick or treating” said Junior Kaviya Venkatesh.  “As long as they are actually spirited and into the holiday then I support it” said Alice Palmer.  

While many people said that they themselves went trick-or-treating and fully supported teenagers going out for candy, there were a few dissenters who thought that high schoolers were just too old to participate in that part of the holiday. “We’re stealing candy from the children!” said Henry Annis.  

In the end, most students that I talked to said that what someone decides to do on Halloween is a personal choice.  Whether you stay home and give out candy, head to a Halloween party, or get dressed and go trick-or-treating, what matters is that you remember to stay safe and have fun.

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