Morristown High School’s Newest Masterpiece

by Meagan Zimberg, Staff Writer


This year, Morristown High revealed the newly renovated art rooms, that were long overdue. Construction on the new art wing began immediately after the close of the 2016-2017 school year.  Although the renovations ran slightly behind schedule, the new wing was able to open just a few short weeks after the school year began.  Mr. Santana and Mrs. Compton, along with the other teachers, are thrilled to have a new teaching environment for their students.

“The conditions of the classrooms had only gotten worse, I think that they were from the 50s and had never been redone, mice were falling from the ceiling, doors were falling off and there wasn’t a lot of space to move around.” said Mrs. Compton.

Over time the classrooms were bound to start falling apart considering they had not been redone in about 67 ye

ars, it was about time for them to be fixed up. But the renovation was not an easy process, according to Mr. Santana, one of the art teachers at MHS, he has been hearing about the renovations for 10 years. Finally after 10 years of hearing about it, the idea of new classrooms had become a reality.

“It will provide a better learning environment; to create art you need a clear mind and space,” said Santana. The new rooms have a lot more space than before and have a better organizational system than before, helping achieve a clear mind needed for art. Also there is less of a concern for lost art work since there is now a place for everything. The new rooms even have whiteboards to write on, making it easier to “communicate with the children” said Mrs. Compton.

“There are a lot of schools in New Jersey that don’t have art programs and we have four art teachers,” said Mrs. Compton. We are lucky enough to have received the new classrooms and to have such an extensive art program. The art teachers and students are extremely grateful to have the new art rooms, it makes coming to art class become a much better experience for everyone.”

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